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Forest App Free Download For Android apk, iOS, iPhone, windows and Mac PC from Panda Helper

Forest app

Forest App Download Free – Are you struggling to resist the temptation of looking at your phone in every passing minute? You may be a student, a professional, or anyone who is too much absorbed in your mobile device. Right now, you may be confronting the consequences of smartphone addiction with a loss of your precious time. No matter how much you try you can’t give up this habit without a special effort.

The addiction to your mobile does not only cripple your productivity but also disruptsyour social relationships. Imagine a family or friend get together or simply the usual family time where you are supposed to stay away from the mobile screen for the sake of bonding, and you find it hard to resist a glance at your Facebook feed. Even when you are having meals at the dinner table or anywhere for that matter, you are always distracted by the thought of what’s going on with your phone.

Those vital seconds and minutes or even hours that you killed with your mobile can’t be pulled back for some productive purpose. Time cannot be reversed, and your smartphone is the chief culprit for your loss. Forget the hundreds and hundreds of hours you have thus far wasted, you can change from now on, and that is only if you choose the Forest App.

Forest App Download APK

You can Download Forest App Premium free version from Panda Helper Appstore. Panda Helper APK Latest version supports for latest Android Mobiles and Tabs.

Forest App Download iOS

Forest App iOS version download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices from Panda Helper iOS Appstore. It supports for iOS 9, iOS 13, iOS 14 and the latest iOS versions running Apple mobiles.

Forest App Download PC

Download Panda Helper apk on your laptop or desktop pc. Download Nox Player (Emulator) on PC, Run Nox app, Install downloaded Panda helper apk on pc via nox app. Install Forest app on PC via panda helper app. Enjoy!

Forest App – Not your Average Productivity App

The irony is Forest App is also a mobile app, and you can make use of this app to spend your time constructively, and with a great deal of productivity as well. You use the time-killing smartphone against itself to preserve time by using this Productivity app. Forest: Stay Focused is not a typical time enhancer app that plays a few shallow tricks to keep you away from the phone. There is a real-world wholesome purpose behind the concept of this app which contributes to the sustenance of the environment at large.

We hope to elaborate on how this takes place in the forthcoming passages. This version of Forest is a fully unlocked premium version that can be found on the Panda Helper App market. You can enjoy all the premium features of the forest app without spending a buck. Forest Premium Mod is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms and supports smartphones, Tabs, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Please find the links at the end of this post for your respective mobile version.

Plays with Your Emotions for Good

A simple concept motivates you to put down your phone and focus on real life: you plant a virtual seed in Forest, which grows into a tree over time. If you can’t resist using your phone and leaving the Forest app, your tree will die. App rewards motivate users.

You abandon your phone and maximize time because of accomplishment and responsibility. The software uses your interest in growing trees without harming them to motivate you. You can set time limitations and time slots to avoid Forest App from interfering with your more important phone business.

Motivation and achievement seem to alter Forest app’s psychology. Plant a tree in the app to focus. If you can endure 30 minutes without touching your phone, a full-grown tree awaits. Forest involvement and dedication effect your feelings. Build a virtual forest for actual trees. The program lets pros plant real plants for a small fee. Environmental organizations sponsor Forest app. You help these programs.


Best Features

If you wish to have a quick look at the best features of the app, you can refer to the following.

  • A refreshingly novel way to defeat your phone addiction and eliminate distraction
  • Stimulate you to maintain focus
  • Curb procrastination
  • Enhance productivity
  • Trace your focused moments in a simple and pleasant way
  • Earn rewards and get access to new tree species
  • Convert your focused moments into a splendid big forest
  • Encourage you to cover your daily objectives

This app is in nutshell a gamified timer that increases your productivity. Forest app has been able to generate huge commendation from different authorities. It achieved the Best App of the Year for 2015-2016 on Google Play. It won the 2018 best social impact app nomination, 2018 Google Play Editors’ Choice Top Productivity app. There are more than 4 million paid users of the Forest App who are satisfied with the platform. Over 700,000 real trees have been planted on the earth by the app users. This app claimed 2018 Google Play’s best self-improvement in Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Korea, India, and Thailand. Forest App has also been featured in the New York Times and Business Insider as well.

Premium Features for Free

This Premium Free version unlocks premium features and you can enjoy premium benefits for free with Panda Helper App Market. See below for the features you get to enjoy.

  • Plant actual trees on earth with the tree-planting organization – Trees for the Future– to conserve nature.
  • Possible to customize your whitelist: Leaving Forest and using apps that are in the whitelist doesn’t kill your tree.
  • Manage your tags and view the detailed statistics of your time distribution.
  • Trace your daily phone usage and screen time.
  • Plant trees along with friends and family
  • Share your forest and compete with friends
  • Unlock achievements and earn extra rewards.


Forest – Stay Focused app has been an effective solution for phone addiction and distraction created by mobile devices. It has a rich concept which seems to root in environmental conservation, from the app’s perspective, this is a solid base to operate from, and it achieves two purposes from a single execution; it boosts individual productivity and impacts the environment positively. That’s why this app is not your average productivity enhancer and it has stepped beyond what is possible by an app of this nature.

This innovation has made users embrace it and if you have never used it or heard of it then this is the time to do so. With Panda Helper, you can download the premium version of the Forest app for free. Google Playstore and Apple Appstore also allows to download this app too. You can benefit from the above pro features with this Premium free and it is a pre-activated version, so you only have to install it directly on your device without any advanced installation procedure. We hope you will increase your productivity by using this amazing app.

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