How do you unlock advanced features in Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

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In the world of mobile MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is a giant. Its intense, strategy-based fights draw players in. A question that a lot of people who love Mobile Legends Bang Bang ask is: How do you get to the more advanced features? This piece will break this question down into its many parts, showing players how to get the most out of the game and what they should think about before diving into its more complex mechanics.

Advanced Features in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

MLB Baseball often incorporates a range of “advanced features” that encompass skins, stars, in-game events, and extra game modes. The game becomes more enjoyable with these features. They introduce a greater range of options and complexity, allowing players to create their own unique experiences and strategies.

Unlocking Features through Gameplay

Playing the game is crucial for unlocking the more advanced features. There are various ways to measure your progress. Such as reaching a higher account level, unlocking specific achievements, or climbing the ranks in competitive play. Mobile Legends offers a range of challenges and rewards as you progress through the ranks. Advancing to higher ranks unlocks exclusive game modes and features for players in those ranks.

What a Panda Helper Does

Panda Helper is a third-party app shop that gives players another way to download Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Mods that claim to unlock features are often available on this store. While it may be tempting, getting mods from Panda Helper or similar sites comes with a lot of risks, such as the chance of security holes and account bans for breaking MLBB’s terms of service.

Download Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mod from Panda Helper

Mods can offer a quick way to get to advanced features like having unlimited in-game money or all heroes unlocked. But people should think about what will happen if they use these mods. The creators of the game actively try to stop people from modding it, and if they catch someone, they can ban their account permanently.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang APK and Android Options

Downloading MLBB through the Android Package Kit (APK) can give Android users access to features that may not be available on the Google Play Store version. It’s crucial to stay mindful of the risks that come with downloading APK files from unofficial sources. Doing so could potentially compromise the security of your account and the reliability of the game.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang for iPhone

iPhone users, on the other hand, have to follow tighter rules when installing apps because Apple’s ecosystem is closed. Panda Helper is available for iOS, but getting it from a third-party app store or a modded game version can void your warranty and put your security and account at risk in the same way that it does on Android.

How to Read the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Tier List

The tier list is an important tool for players to understand how the game is being played right now. It ranks the best Mobile Legends heroes by how well they do in professional games. The tier list can help players choose strong heroes, but it can also change with each game update, which shows how MLBB’s gameplay is always changing.

Mobile Legends Tier List

Mobile Legends Tier List

Mobile Legends tier list creation: Bang Bang classifies heroes on their match performance, game stage effect, and team success. The meta, balance updates, and community strategies influence this list. Tier lists can be simplified as follows:

S Tier (Superior): These heroes are currently the most powerful and have a significant impact on the game. They fit well into many team compositions and strategies, and they often have few weaknesses. Picking these heroes can increase your chances of winning in ranked matches.

A Tier (Excellent): Heroes in this tier are strong and reliable choices. They may not be as overwhelmingly dominant as S-tier heroes, but they perform well in most situations and can be excellent counters to specific S-tier heroes.

B Tier (Good): These heroes are solid picks and can perform well, especially if played to their strengths. Being effective with them might require a bit more skill or strategy compared to those in higher tiers.

C Tier (Average): Heroes in the C-tier are generally seen as having average power levels. Situational effectiveness can be overshadowed by heroes of higher tiers. They often require a niche strategy or specific team composition to truly shine.

D Tier (Below Average): The current meta generally views these heroes as less viable. The enemy team can exploit their weaknesses or other heroes in their roles may simply outpace them.

F Tier (Weak): Many players consider heroes in this tier to be the least viable picks. Recently, they may have received some adjustments or lost popularity in the meta. Picking these heroes can be challenging, and they typically require a high level of skill or an unconventional strategy to succeed.

Mobile Legends Ranks

Mobile Legends Ranks

In “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,” the score system shows each player’s progress. Each level represents a distinct level of game ability and success. Here are the ranks in ascending order.

Warrior: This is the starting rank for all players. There are three divisions: Warrior III is the lowest and Warrior I is the highest in this rank.

Elite: Following Warrior, the Elite rank signifies a player who has started gaining some understanding of the game mechanics. It also has three divisions, with Elite I being the highest.

Master: Master rank indicates a further advancement in skill. Like Warrior and Elite, it has three divisions, with Master I being the top division in this rank.

Grandmaster: Players with considerable gaming improvements earn this rating. Grandmasters have three categories and are more competitive and know team plans and hero mechanics.

Epic: Players who reach Epic have moved into the more competitive tiers and will start experiencing draft pick mode in ranked games. There are five divisions in Epic, and Epic I is the highest before moving on to the next rank.

Legend: This rank is for top-tier players who have mastered multiple heroes and roles. Legend rank is made up of five divisions, housing players who possess exceptional skill and a strong competitive spirit.

Mythic: Mythic rank is where the elite players reside. Previously the highest rank, it is a single rank with points system to determine the player’s standing within it.

Mythical Glory: This is the pinnacle of the ranking system, reserved for the very best players in the game. It is achieved after surpassing a certain point threshold within the Mythic rank.

Glorious Mythic: Introduced in some recent updates, this rank is above Mythic and is achieved by the top 50 players in a server.

Mobile Legends Characters

Mobile Legends Characters

There are a lot of different characters, or “heroes,” in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Each one has their own abilities, skills, and jobs. As time goes on, the game keeps changing by adding new heroes and updating old ones to keep things fair and interesting. Here is a quick list of the kinds of characters you can expect to see in the game:

Types of Heroes

  1. Tank: These are durable heroes designed to absorb damage and protect their teammates. They often initiate team fights and can control enemies with crowd control abilities.
  2. Fighter: Fighters are versatile heroes that have a balance of offense and defense. They can adapt to various game phases and are effective at close-range combat.
  3. Assassin: Assassins are agile and have high burst damage, making them ideal for eliminating high-value targets, usually the enemy backline damage dealers.
  4. Mage: Mages use magical abilities and are powerful in dealing burst damage or crowd control from a distance. They can change the tide of team fights with their spells.
  5. Marksman: Marksmen, or ADC (Attack Damage Carry), provide sustained ranged damage. They are crucial in taking down objectives and enemy heroes in the late game.
  6. Support: Support heroes can heal, provide buffs, or have abilities that can protect and assist their teammates. They are essential for the team’s overall survival and success.

Notable Heroes

Some of the most recognized heroes in Mobile Legends include:

  1. Layla, a beginner-friendly marksman with long-range attacks.
  2. Eudora, a mage known for her powerful electrical magic.
  3. Alucard, a fighter/assassin who excels in lifesteal and chasing down enemies.
  4. Akai, a tank that can crowd control enemies with his spinning attacks.
  5. Nana, a support/mage whose abilities can transform enemies and disrupt their positioning.
  6. Gusion, an assassin/mage known for his ability to quickly burst down opponents with a combination of throwing knives and magic.

Mobile Legends heroes are categorized by role and complexity, allowing beginner-friendly to advanced gaming. The rich tapestry of Mobile Legends’ universe is enriched by heroes from varied ethnic origins, myths, and innovative designs. Players can choose heroes that fit their playstyle or master various roles to become versatile battlefield competitors.

How to Pick the Best Mobile Legends Hero

It’s not enough to just pick the best hero from the top tier. It means knowing how you like to play, how your team is put together, and what part each hero plays. The best Mobile Legends hero for each player can additionally change based on the season and furthermore, the methods that are popular among other players.

The Greatest Hero in 2024

To guess who will be the best hero in 2024, you have to look at current trends, changes, and the direction of the game. To figure out which heroes might become popular, players should keep up with official announcements and group chats.

Play Mobile Legends Bang Bang on a PC

Using emulators to play MLB on a PC can give you a different experience, with possible benefits in control and visibility. Additionally, it is important for players to exclusively utilize official versions in order to avoid violating the game’s terms of service.


To sum up, getting access to Mobile Legends Bang Bang’s advanced features is a complex process. Players should consider the advantages they desire from improved games in comparison to the potential drawbacks of implementing unsupported modifications. By playing the game, advancing in ranks, and staying updated with official updates, players can responsibly experience the depth and excitement that new features bring to MLBB. Understanding the task at hand and adhering to the guidelines of the game and community are crucial for ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all.

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